Business Overview

Business Overview

In an increasing and rising demand for student accommodation year by year - as more local and foreign students flock into the cities for their studies. Student Housing is the most sought after as universities and tertiary institutions can only accommodate fewer than one in five students who apply for a residency, and student numbers are also growing annually as increasing numbers of young people completing their secondary schooling and institutions are not able to house all of their students.

There has been unprecedented growth in participation in higher education in recent years and this is set to continue based on projections for the full-time demand for education developed by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

These projections estimate that demand will increase. It has found that the number of young adults aged 18-25 will increase to almost 100m by 2020, and that the demand for new, purpose-built student accommodation is set to top 500 000 beds in the next five years according to the latest research by Jones Lang LaSalle.

Participation in higher education brings many benefits to the individual, society and the economy. However, it also places pressure on existing infrastructure including an increasing demand for suitable student accommodation.

Infinite Property Works is a boutique Property development company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa that addresses these challenges. This presents more opportunities for us as property developers and investors to respond to the need for student accommodation by planning, constructing and operating the student accommodation developments.

Founded by some of South Africa's foremost property professionals and investors, Infinite Property Works invests exclusively in Student Accomodation and Affordable Housing.

These Developments are well-located, with essentials to take heed of what students - or their parents – are most likely to rent. The developments are also clean, safe accommodation within easy reach of campus at an affordable price with high tech security, parking and good access to shops and other amenities as well as campus.

This model is in stark contrast to the current dominant mode of student and affordable housing delivery in South Africa and most developing contexts, where students are limited to student housing that offers them convenience of distance but built for only demand as money making machines than offering amenities required to build the future of South africa – far from the Universities and essential services.

Infinite Property Works' Approach

Our Approach enables the company to develop student housing which creates stable income yields and long term capital growth - thus creating an ideal asset class for long term-investors who are looking to build long term wealth through property investment. In addition to the long term wealth building, our investments also perpetuate massive socio-economic returns highlighted above with the focus on investing in the future of South Africa who are the youth and students.